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Monthly Archives: August 2020

    Should You Buy an Existing Home or New Construction?

    By Matt Shelton | August 31, 2020

    Finding the right home to purchase in Knoxville is one of the biggest challenges for potential buyers. With so few homes for sale and construction of newly built homes ramping up across East Tennessee, you may be wondering if you should consider new construction in your search process. It’s a great question to ask, and one to look... Read More

    The Top Reasons People Are Moving This Year

    By Matt Shelton | August 25, 2020

    Today, Americans are moving for a variety of different reasons. The current health crisis has truly re-shaped our lifestyles and our needs. Spending extra time where we currently live is enabling many families to re-evaluate what homeownership means and what they find most important in a home. According to Zillow: “In 2020, homes went from the... Read More

    Are Vacation Homes a Good Investment?

    By Matt Shelton | August 21, 2020

    At one time, vacation homes were thought to be a luxury only afforded to the rich and famous. Times have changed though. Empowered by recent economic growth and the rise of rental management platforms like Airbnb and VRBO, many homeowners are investing in a second property as a permanent vacation home or income opportunity. A... Read More

    Sellers Are Returning to the Housing Market

    By Matt Shelton | August 19, 2020

    In today’s housing market, it can be a big challenge for buyers to find homes to purchase, as the number of houses for sale is far below the current demand. Now, however, we’re seeing sellers slowly starting to come back into the market, a bright spark for potential buyers. Javier Vivas, Director of Economic Research at, explains: “Seller confidence has... Read More

    Current Buyer & Seller Perks in the Housing Market

    By Matt Shelton | August 11, 2020

      Today’s housing market is making a truly impressive turnaround, and it’s also setting up some outstanding opportunities for buyers and sellers. Whether you’re thinking of buying or selling a home this year, there are perks today that are rarely available, and definitely worth looking into. Here are the top two. The Biggest Perk for Buyers: Low Mortgage Rates... Read More

    Today’s Buyers Are Serious about Purchasing a Home

    By Matt Shelton | August 4, 2020

    Today’s homebuyers are not just talking about their plans, they’re actively engaged in the buying process – and they’re serious about it. A recent report by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) indicates: “…. Of American adults considering a future home purchase in the second quarter of 2020, about half (49%) are not simply planning it, they are actively engaged... Read More