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Five Great Things About Living in East Tennessee

It’s Beautiful

Sharing the Great Smoky Mountains National Park with North Carolina, East Tennessee is one of the most breathtaking places to live in the United States. Scenic views of the mountains are visible almost anywhere in the region and change with the foliage in every season. Best part is, you don’t have to purchase a cabin in the woods to experience this beauty.  There are plenty of homes in suburban neighborhoods with mountain views in our area. 

There’s Always Something to Do

Do you love the outdoors? Maybe football is your thing. Are you an artist or musician? 

East Tennessee has all of these things and more. Hiking, fishing, arts and crafts festivals, and concerts are just a few of the year round activities happening in the region. Animal lovers can tour Zoo Knoxville or the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga. If you’re looking for sports, local college athletics are always in season and professional sports offerings are just a short drive away in Atlanta or Nashville.

Low Cost of Living

Cost of living is relative to the lifestyle you want to live in any real estate market. However, Tennessee finished seventh in Cost of Living on the US News and World Report Affordability Rankings! If you drill down to a regional level, a review of cost of living information at reveals that the median home price is $91,000 less in Knoxville, TN than Newark, NJ!

 City Median Home Cost Difference from Knoxville, TN
 Knoxville, TN  $173,300
 Newark, NJ  $265,100  $91,800
 Chicago, IL  $229,100  $55,800
 Bakersfield,  CA  $242,800  $69,500


Tax structures vary significantly from state to state, but in Tennessee, we manage one of the lowest tax burdens anywhere in the U.S. Although we have no income tax, many are surprised to discover that we have a statewide sales tax that includes most food items. Still, the state finishes better than 80% of other states in a tax survey completed by

It’s Steeped in History

The hills of East Tennessee are filled with history and tradition. Did you know that Bristol is the birthplace of country music or that Oak Ridge is known as the “Energy Capital of the World” for its accomplishments in energy research? Ever wonder why Tennessee is called “The Volunteer State?” The answer is everywhere. Famous landmarks, historic sites, museums and more await history buffs in East Tennessee.  

The People

Perhaps the region’s best feature is its people. The citizens of East Tennessee are warm, friendly and enterprising folks who embody the Volunteer Spirit our state is famous for. East Tennessee has given birth to some big personalities over the years too. Musicians like Dolly Parton and Chet Atkins, comedians like Minnie Pearl, and coaches like Pat Head Summitt all share East Tennessee roots.

There are so many great reasons to live here! Reach out to the team at the Billy Houston Group if you’re interested in relocating to East Tennessee. We have the market experience and knowledge of the region to help you select the perfect home. Call us today at 865.577.SOLD!

Join us on Facebook! We’ve created a group for people who want to learn more about East Tennessee living and plan their move to call Tennessee home.  Click the link to join the Move to East Tennessee Group.

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