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Is Winter Your Time to Sell?

Waiting for warmer weather to list your home for sale? Were you on the market, but pulled your listing at the first sign of snow?

Conventional wisdom has been that you should wait to sell your home in spring or summer. Flowers are in bloom, everything is green, and the sun is shining bright. It’s the perfect picture, right? Maybe, but…

Winter can be great for selling too!

Selling in the off-season has advantages for sellers looking to get a head start on everyone else. Here are three things to consider when deciding to sell your home during the winter months.

The Market is Less Crowded

Put Economics 101 to work for you and leverage supply and demand! Fewer homes are available in the winter but buyers are always looking. During the spring, your home may share similar traits with ten homes a buyer is considering. However, during winter, those traits make it a diamond in the rough! With fewer options available, your great listing has an opportunity to stand out.

Motivated Buyers

Folks looking to purchase a home during the winter often have a driving force behind their decision. Maybe they’ve moved from out-of-state, recently married, or changed careers. Regardless, they have a need for purchasing a home that must be met sooner rather than later. By having your home ready and available for sale, you’re helping them achieve their goals.

The Summer Belongs to You

Do you really want to pack boxes and load trucks while everyone else is at the pool? Moving in the winter may feel like an inconvenience, but doing so frees up your summer to relax and enjoy your new home. Handle the business of selling your home in the winter and make your summer stress free!

Ready to start packing? Call the Billy Houston Group today for a free evaluation of your home.

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3 Responses to “Is Winter Your Time to Sell?”

  • You make a great point about considering the career shifts of potential buyers. I have been wanting to move out of California for a while now. I’ll have to get an agent to put the house up in a listing.

    • Matt Shelton
      Written on

      Tex – We’ve seen lots of folks relocating to our area over the last year because of changes in their career. Our agent, Russ Lee, moved here from California and and has been invaluable to clients relocating from other parts of the country. When you’re ready to move, give us a call! We can get your home search started in East Tennessee and help you find a quality agent in California.

  • Great tip about assessing whether or not the market is too saturated with buyers. I need to get a real estate broker to check out the houses in San Antonio. I want to buy a couple of houses to sublease out to other families.

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