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Marketing Your Home To Get Results

Today’s real estate agents are busy. Super busy. Many tell everyone who will listen that they are running from morning until night. Having the tools and strategies that help make a realtor have more time to do what the client is hiring them to do is vital to the success for the clients. The agent that is running all day long between clients doesn’t have the time to truly market your house and get it sold. Oh, they can put it in the MLS and hope that someone else sells it, but MARKETING is so much more than that.

What we have done within the Billy Houston Group is make time for our agents to do what our clients want. Client’s want to have high communications with their agent and they want there home marketed for a quick sale. We am always looking for more innovative ways to help our clients get the results they want faster than ever, at the maximum price and yet still have someone to hold their hand through the process.

I have been very blessed through the years to have the opportunity to run many different companies and programs. Those experiences have taught me many things. Yes, in today’s world there are many new great innovations, but there are also many great ideas that have been tried and were successful in the past.

My job is to help tie the old world techniques by tweaking them to make them work in today’s fast pace environment, along with having the new world gadget’s to get your house sold. Within our group you not only hire an agent to represent you with years of experience behind them but your hiring a marketing team with all the tools needed to make you get the desired results. We have a full time market person pushing your listing out into the entire world, while you still have your agent holding your hand through the selling process. You get the Best of both worlds’. THE MORE EXPOSURE = MORE EYEBALLS ON YOUR HOME to get the results you are hiring us to do. Call the Billy Houston Group at 865-577-SOLD if you want to experience the best in getting your house sold. Or call me direct: Billy Houston 865-207-1212 Hope to be selling your house soon.

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