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Retirement + Relocation = Rejuvenation

Retirement + Relocation = Rejuvenation

After all that hard work comes retirement. It is your time to relax and not have to worry about the nuances associated with a day-to-day working life. Retirement is an entirely new and fresh experience and perspective on the world – it is another transition in life. Retirement is a time when you are able to remove yourself from a working life’s demands and be able to soak in each moment for exactly what it is worth. Therefore, it is worth planning out a thing or two to ensure you are able to rest and relax with confidence throughout your retirement. While this new process can feel a bit overwhelming, Billy Houston Group at Keller Williams can help you comfortably relocate for this new chapter of your life!

Shine Brightly in Your Golden Years!

In order to live a healthy and happy retirement, it is important to consider some key factors when thinking about your options for relocation:

  • Proper access to medical care
  • Distance from family
  • Cultural relevancy
  • Cost of living.

In addition to the aforementioned, it is a good idea to keep in mind the overall financial landscape you will be adjusting to as a monetary facet of retirement. Peace and joy are within reach if you simply make an effort to structure a retirement plan. Instead of looking at it as an overwhelming task, think about retirement and relocation as an exciting life transition – because that is what it is! And Billy Houston Group is here to help! We take pride in making sure our clients, from all walks of life, are happy in the homes we help them find.

Do you wish you had more time to golf in the midst of your previously busy work-life? What about more time to play your guitar or piano – or even learn how to play (remember, learning is an ongoing life process)? Whether it is reading, writing, basket-weaving, gathering in friendly company for card games or finding a way to give back to the community – whatever it is that makes you happy, now that you have time, go for it! After all, one of man’s greatest gifts is our perseverance through life. Let us now consider why East Tennessee is an ideal relocation option for retirement.

Location, Location, Location Still Pertains to You!

As always, location is everything, and in the case of retirement, make sure the area you choose for relocation is safe for your planned retirement lifestyle. Billy Houston Group is always thinking ahead in terms of location and real estate. For example, think about nearby roads with respect to commuting. Are the roads in the area well-mapped with manageable speeds and clear visibility for driving and/or walking (depending on your needs)? Knoxville is a prime destination for relocation for retirees. The roads are easily accessible and maneuverable. The city is not too big for traveling between shopping errands, meeting friends, going to church, attending club gatherings, etc.

Climate and Weather

East Tennessee is known for its pleasant backdrop and non-extreme weather while walking you through all four seasons year-round. The summers are sunny and warm, and the winters are dazzling and cold, but soft. Overall, East Tennessee does not experience extreme weather.

Getting Close to Retirement, But Wanting to Stay in the Game: A No-Income-Tax State Makes for Financial Security in Tennessee

The state of Tennessee does not issue an income tax, which means if you are considering a part-time job or keeping a business afloat via your own direct involvement, financially, Tennessee is a great option for your later years.

East Tennessee Is a Harmonious City for Retirees and Young People, Alike

Unlike several surrounding cities that are large and can feel overwhelmingly bustling with a fast-paced city life (such as Nashville and Atlanta), Knoxville is a progressive part of the South that also values its deep-roots in our part of the country’s rich, historic culture and traditions. Billy Houston Group has helped find homes for hundreds of interested buyers all over the East Tennessee area.

Between the University of Tennessee’s influx of bright and diverse students and the generations of East Tennessee families planted in the community, Knoxville is a really enjoyable place to live and learn. The area is also submerged in an entertainment-savvy community, along with several local artisan communities – not to mention the stunning outdoors: mountains, rivers and lakes paint the landscape of East Tennessee. We will explore those parts of the overall culture in Knoxville, TN a little further down.

The Cost of Living
The cost of living in East Tennessee is ideal for both renters and property owners, and Billy Houston Group works hard for its clients to get them the absolute best bang for their buck. It is one of the most affordable cities to live in within the United States. Food, fashion and other fare are all within reach for comfortable living. With plenty to do and learn about in this area and beautiful southern homes to cozy-up inside of, it really is a bang-for-your-buck part of the country. East Tennessee encompasses everything from the majestic beauty of the mountains, to the high-art world with the Tennessee Theatre, to perpetuated academia with the University of Tennessee, as well as continuous economic growth – all while the locals keep hold of the cultural pride that is East Tennessee.

There Is Literally Something for Everyone in Knoxville, TN

Artisans and Interested Hobbyists

East Tennessee is an exceptional part of the world to explore the works of plentiful inspiring artisans and hobbyists. Community members take pride in encouraging one another to go after a spark of interest. Classes are available all over the city and greater Knoxville area for those longing for peace and a simultaneous sense of achievement. While Knoxville is the “bigger city” in comparison to nearby cities, such as Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, the latter two have even older roots in the world of bluegrass, Americana, folk and country music (and newer roots being planted in the experimental music realm), pottery, photography, literature, carpentry, bird-watching, music and a variety of additional trades. The same goes for the local foods culture – there are small, but sustainable local food communities, including many restaurants, farms and Knoxville’s impressive Farmer’s Market. The Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge areas have even more access to several fresh food options.


Home of the UT Vols, an SEC-Top 10 school, the University of Tennessee’s football team is fire, and the people of East Tennessee really do bleed orange, as a result. Home games take place in the esteemed Neyland Stadium. Along with football, both the men’s and women’s basketball teams and the rowing teams are also top-rankers. Additionally, baseball and ice hockey are also solidly on the horizon here in East Tennessee – check out our national ice hockey team, the Ice Bears, as well as our baseball team, the Smokies. These games often pack the house and field and victory is not uncommon to our ice hockey and baseball teams!

The Outdoors

The most stunning part of East Tennessee is, hands-down, the Great Smoky Mountains – and they are in your backyard when you live here! Whether you live in the city or good ol’ Rocky top is right outside of your window, the mountains surround around the area. The Great Smoky Mountains paint a beautiful and bright landscape to live amongst, day in and day out. The colors, the seasons, the weather, the water, the wildlife – East Tennessee is truly a magical realm within nature, and if you live here, you become an inhabitant of this very special realm.

You can live as close to or as far from the mountains as you would like – even if you lived in a downtown Knoxville loft (because maybe the city is more your pace), it would only take you 30 minutes to get to the Smokies. If you prefer to reside in the suburbs, you are still only looking at a 45-minute to an hour-long drive.

Aside from the Smokies, the Obed Scenic River is a gorgeous wilderness option, along with Ijams nature center (located within Knoxville) and House Mountain, just to name a few numerous options. At any rate, if you are an outdoors’ enthusiast or an outdoors’ appreciator from afar, the options for exploration and housing in East Tennessee’s nature-scape are limitless and within reach, encompassing a wide range of residential property – everything from 1900’s to minimalist-modern architecture.
The Arts Culture
Knoxville hosts several music, arts and food festivals in the South. The International Biscuit Festival is hosted every spring in the downtown district of the city. Chefs from all over the world come together to critique all biscuit submissions (you can enter, too!). During the festival, Market Square is lined from corner to corner with numerous vendors and biscuits made from a variety of recipes, ranging from classic buttermilk to spinach and goat cheese!

Along with a strong food culture, East Tennessee is also home to country/folk/honky tonk/Americana/roots festivals such as Rhythm N’ Blooms (which is part of the greater Dogwood Arts Festival), Bristol’s Rhythm N’ Roots, BLANKFest, Waynestock and Hungry Otter Fest, just to name a few. In another musical spectrum, AC Entertainment puts on the internationally-acclaimed Big Ears Festival – a lineup comprised of modern classical composers and experimental electronic artists, as well as legendary folk artists which takes place at some of the city’s finest event venues, such as the Tennessee Theatre, Bijou Theatre, Square Room, The Standard and the Knoxville Museum of Art. Headquartered in Downtown Knoxville, AC Entertainment is responsible for booking some of the biggest musical acts in the world right here in Knoxville, in addition to international booking – that includes everything from legacy, Hank III to indie-rockers, Grizzly Bear.

The historic Tennessee Theatre is located in Downtown Knoxville on Gay Street. It is a breath-taking 1920’s-era theatre that has been described by Rolling Stone as “the inside of a Faberge egg.” Across the street and a couple blocks down, there is another stunning and architecturally-inspiring historic theatre: the Bijou Theatre. Beyond those two venues, Knoxville and the rest of the East Tennessee area are filled with several more entertainment spaces such as The Red Piano, Scruffy City Hall, Smoky Mountain Harley Davidson – The Shed (it is quite a wondrous and marvelous venue), The Pines Theatre in Gatlinburg and many more. East Tennessee has several entertainment options – it also has a particularly strong scene for jazz, opera and orchestra with the Knoxville Jazz Orchestra, Knoxville Opera and Knoxville Symphony Orchestra. Knoxville invites the works of all kinds of musical artists, ranging from classical to bluegrass to folk and country to modern experimental and electronic music and everything else.

Visit Knoxville is Knoxville’s famous, historic visitor’s center. It is also where WDVX, a nationally-acclaimed country/bluegrass/Americana radio station airs the “Blue Plate Special,” a Monday-Friday, open-to-the-public, in-studio performance of various local and national bands that perform daily at noon. There you can grab lunch from the deli inside, while taking advantage of an intimate seated environment and enjoy some good ol’ roots music. WDVX has also hosted indie-rockers, ambient noise-makers and other artists for the “Blue Plate Special” radio show.

The film culture in this area is growing rapidly, as well. In fact, if you feel like getting snazzy, there is a grand Regal Cinema Theatre located in the heart of downtown between the Tennessee Theatre and the Bijou Theatre – large, lovely and lively. For those whose attention is captivated by independent film releases, the Downtown West movie theatre in West Knoxville is a good bet to catch some of the lesser-known gems of the independent film world. As of August 2015, Knoxville has also welcomed the Public Cinema, an independent film distributing organization for the East Tennessee community. Screenings are open to the public and held at The Square Room, Pilot Light and the Knoxville Museum of Art (KMA). The KMA is an art museum that thrives with exquisite traveling pieces by artists from all around the world. Exhibits revolve throughout the year and is currently housing a semi-permanent installation from the marvelous and mind-blowing glasswork of artist, Richard Jolly.

Dollywood is an entertainment homage to the area’s especially beloved, Dolly Parton. East Tennessee takes pride in the life and work of locally born-and-bred artist and philanthropist, Dolly Parton. Located in Pigeon Forge, Dollywood has its own quarters of East Tennessee, and you can easily be a part of it if you wish, or be completely removed.

Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge and Cabin Getaways

Whether you are looking to permanently relocate to a cabin lifestyle, or you would like to be able to easily get away for a few days in the mountains, Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge are staple communities in the East Tennessee area. Billy Houston Group is a sure-fire go-to for cabin properties. With a dream-like landscape and woodsy interior living, relaxing in the Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge areas is optimal for retirement and relocation – whether for permanent residence or easily accessible from city residence.

Waterfront Properties

East Tennessee offers a variety of waterfront properties extending from the Cumberland River to the French Broad to Norris Lake and more. The housing along these bodies of water is often in higher demand, but several properties are still available, and Billy Houston Group is especially seasoned in waterfront property insight. Waterfront property is a great option for those that enjoy living on the water, boating, fishing, swimming, etc.

Allow the Billy Houston Group at Keller Williams to help you find the perfect home to retire comfortably and confidently. We love making our clients happy, and we love the East Tennessee area. There is even more to learn about this gem that we call “East Tennessee,” so call us today to learn more about how you could be a part of it!

If you or someone you know is looking at retirement relocation options, check out some reasons why East Tennessee is preferred by several retirees due to our beautiful landscape, artisan culture, outdoors culture, cabin and waterfront properties, city and suburban properties and cost of living by contacting Billy Houston Group at Keller Williams!

Contact The Billy Houston Group for all of your home buying and selling, foreclosures, investment properties or TN real estate needs. We specialize in Knox County, LoudonCounty, Sevier county, Blount County, AndersonCounty, foreclosure properties and mountain and waterfront properties. Please call 865-694-5924 or email

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