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Tips for Moving in the Fall

Moving during the fall season can be a difficult task. Your schedule fills up with work as well as kids’ school schedules and extracurricular activities. As busy as you may be, there are ways to make moving during the fall less stressful.

Negotiate the price of moving companies

While the fall is a busy season for you, it is the ideal time to search for a moving company. Moving companies are busiest during the summer months, and as their business slows in fall their prices become more competitive. Gas prices also typically drop in the fall. These two points are primary factors to negotiate a cheaper price. Also, do your homework: take the time to research different companies, their services, and the base prices for their assistance.

Setup your utilities ahead of time

You want your new home to be move-in ready. Some utility companies take several days to get a service started and these services are essential for living comfortably. Especially during a season where temperatures begin to change, utilities like electricity and gas are a necessity to make your home move-in ready.

Keep your current property clean

Trying to move out of your house will become a hassle with the elements of autumn blocking your way. As the leaves begin to fall, you will want to begin sweeping or blowing leaves off of your walkways before your move-out date. This will also minimize the risk of injury while moving. You may own heavy items that are difficult to move around even with the help of others. By clearing out a path from your house to the moving truck, you are helping to take away the risk of slipping and falling.

Only pack what you don’t need

Making a move to a new home does not happen overnight. The process of moving can take weeks or even months and you will have to decide what items you can’t live without. But while it is smart to pack ahead of time, there are some things you need to keep out to ensure you’re comfortable right up to the move. For example, there are things in the kitchen you use every day (i.e., plates, cups, silverware) and things you don’t (that fondue pot you received as a wedding gift). Pack those things you seldom use ahead of time – or give them away if you don’t really need them – but keep out enough to be able to function as usual.

Moving during the fall can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Make a game plan and consider what fall moving tips will make your life easier.

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