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Tips on How to Prepare Your Home For Sale

A lot of people have different views on what it really means to have a clean and organized home.  When it comes to showing your home to a potential buyer, it is vital that you follow these key elements so the buyer can see it at its peak condition, the agent will leave good reviews to enhance others to show it and also increase the chances for your home to sell instantly upon the initial showing.

  1. Have your home smell good as new, as if it were warm and inviting. Pour Lysol down the sinks to have it smell clean. Light candles for a while, but put them out right before you leave, so it leaves a nice smell for the buyers. You can never go wrong with lavender!
  2. Pick up everything off the floors. Every room should be simple and very clean cut, with plenty of room to move around.
  3. If you have bookcases, then be sure to straighten the books and dust around them. You do not want it to look like you just put things in the shelf to have out of the way. Make it look like it belongs in the bookshelf.
  4. Have your pantry organized as much as possible. That will show that the pantry is bigger and has plenty of room.
  5. When buyers see a home, they see it as how they would move in. So, if you have loud paint colors, it will turn them off. Try to stick with the basic neutral colors.
  6. Do not have your home covered in pictures. It is perfectly okay to leave a few framed pictures out to make it feel at home. If you have walls covered from floor to ceiling in pictures, then I would remove some. That way it will not be overwhelming.
  7. If you have children that still play with toys, then be sure that the toys are put away. Do not throw them in a closet. Try to have it as organized as possible.
  8. Bathrooms are a key element. This is a space that everyone will use no matter who they are, so it must be squeaky clean! Have that Mr. Clean sparkle when finished. There should be nothing in the bathroom but the essentials.
  9. The very first thing that buyers see when going to a showing is the outside appearance.  The yard must be manicured to perfection. When the buyers see how great the outside is, it will make them more excited to see the inside.
  10. Fresh flowers on the patio and front porch are an extra touch that accentuates the house. Make your house a buyers dream home!

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