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Top 4 Tips For The Ultimate Tailgate Experience in Knoxville


  1. Prepare as much as you can beforehand
  • You want the morning of to be as easy and stress free as possible. If you have a yeti, pre ice your cooler and get your beers extra cold to last all day long. If you don’t have one, go ahead and put beers and ice in the cooler the night before but drain the water in the morning and add another bag of ice. Keep another case of beers in the fridge over night so they’ll stay cold as long as possible. Remember the cardinal rule- Take a beer out, Put a beer in! It’s all about consistency people!! Have all the chairs, table, tent, utensils, plates, and napkins already loaded in your car so you can just load the coolers and drive off.


  1. All things plastic
  • Let’s be honest… no one wants to keep up with anything other than their drink during a tailgate. Plastic utensils, plastic solo cups, plastic tablecloth are the way to go! We’re in Knoxville ladies and gentleman… everything you bring can be orange and it won’t look tacky. Let’s face it, if’s it’s not orange, then your tailgate is not up to par. Bring plenty of heavy-duty trash bags. Chunk everything before you go to the game and you are left with no worries and no washing when you go home. Also, it’s nice to have all your trash put away so others do not have to pick up after you. Your momma raised you better than that!


  1. Entertainment
  • Your tailgate crew is either small or large. There is no in between, because here in the south, your tailgate is your home where everyone is welcomed. Even opposing fans. We want to show everyone a good time and meet new people. If you are small sized crew, you either want to bring your tv to watch the other games that are on, cornhole boards, boche ball and other yard games. With the large tailgate crew, it’s difficult to bring games when there are so many people in a not so big space. One thing that is a must for every tailgate party is music. Music brings people together and changes the environment. Have a good mix so it fits everyone’s style and everyone can sing along to put an extra pep in their step. Be sure Rocky Top is somewhere in the mix, otherwise, it’s not a good playlist. Once that fight song comes on, you have multiple tailgate crews shouting and singing at the top of their lungs as one big happy family! Because we are ONE TN and We Give Our All To Tennessee!


  1. Location Location Location!
  •  This saying just doesn’t pertain to businesses. There are pros and cons with every tailgating spot. The spots that are near the stadium, like I9, G10 and Circle Park, you have more people traffic, easy walk to your seats, great environment and you’re in the midst of the action. Some spots, you’ll be able to see/hear the Vol Walk. The downside is, you will want to get there really early so you can set up, miss majority of the foot traffic and claim your land. Also, after the game is over, I hope you’re not in a rush to get home because you’ll be sitting in your car for quite some time. No one has time to sit in a car going nowhere so set up camp and relax till it dies down. If your tailgate spot is away from the stadium, like other side of campus or downtown, then most likely you have more room to spread out which is a plus, especially if you have kids and other families joining in. It won’t be as crowded which some fans look forward to so they can just enjoy being outside with close family and friends. You will have to leave for the stadium earlier since the walk is further. At the same time, you will also be walking back to your car, which is closer to an exit most likely, after the game while everyone is sitting in their car trying to get through traffic.

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